Frozen Fever!

IT’s back! Frozen is finally back! Now there is a short frozen film at the beginning of Disney’s Cinderella movie! The film is called Frozen Fever! In Frozen Fever it’s Anna’s birthday! Elsa is planning a big party but then there is a problem. Elsa get’s a cold! Frozen fever is super fun and funny! I enjoyed it so much! I hope to see it again!  Watch Frozen Fever at the beginning of Cinderella! Have you seen frozen fever? Do you like it? Why or why not?


tumblr_ni13hm3bnw1tzt4rko5_r2_1280      FROZEN FEVER


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Baby Mouse Books!

Lately I have been re-reading Baby Mouse books. They are easy but so fun and funny! I defiantly recommend people to read these! They are super funny! I have read a lot of them but I like to re-read them! My favorites are Baby mouse Beach Babe, Extreme Baby Mouse, Baby mouse queen of the world and Baby Mouse Monster mash! But I really like all of them! The ones I want to read that I have not read is Baby Mouse puppy love, Baby Mouse heartbreaker, Baby Mouse Mad scientist, Baby mouse cup cake tycoon, A very Baby Mouse Christmas, Baby mouse President, Happy birthday Baby mouse and much more! I Love Baby mouse Books! What’s your favorite Baby Mouse book? Do you like Baby mouse Books?

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New Movies

There are some new movies! I am so exited to see them. Here are the new movies:


Tinker-Bell-And-The-Legend-Of-The-NeverBeast                       Universal Pictures Home Entertainment Barbie

I am so exited to see  these! The Tinker bell  movie looks so good! I love Tinker bell so much. I really hope they make more Tinker bell movies after this one. It looks there is adventures in the movie! The Barbie movie also looks so good! I love Barbie also. I think this movie will be cool because I don’t think they had ever made a superhero barbie movie before. So I think this movie will be good! Which would you rather see? Why? What new movies do you want to see?

Spring Break

For Spring Break I am going to  California and Disneyland! We will fly to California! We stay in palm springs! We will stay in a hotel and we will swim and go in the lazy river! After a couple of days in Palm springs we will go to disneyland! It will be so fun! We will go in so many rides! I love California and Disneyland so much!  Have you gone to disneyland? What are you doing for Spring Break?


Valentine’s Fun!

Posted on Thursday February 12 2015

Tomorrow February 13 2015 is my classes Valentine’s party! It is going to be awesome! We had a choice to do valentine’s or not to do them but I chose to do them! I love doing Valentines! At school we might do Valentines bingo! Then on Saturday the real valentines I get to go to my grandparents to spend the night at there house! We might go to a movie and dinner! I love Valentines! What are you doing on valentines day? Are you having a Valentines day party?

Valentine-Day-Glitters-26   Valentines-Day-Golden-Triangle


valentines-day          valentines-day-puppy